Who is Sansio?

Our journey to driving better patient care

Our Story

Since 1999, Sansio has been part of the healthcare software solutions industry. Our team consists of professionals from all areas of patient care, including fire and EMS as well as home and hospital care.

A Volaris Group Community

As we have continued to increase our experience and grow as a ePCR software provider, we recently found our “home” in a company that specializes in supporting software companies like ours. Through this partnership, the Sansio team is able to accomplish our goals more efficiently, and with the right support.

Our Promise

At Sansio, it is our promise to always:

  • remain customer driven
  • remain adaptable
  • remain accountable
  • be humble
  • do what is right

Our Purpose

Our mission at Sansio is to advance the abilities of emergency responders and healthcare providers through innovative and adaptable technology.

We are driven by our customers and are honored to support those who help others. Sansio is dedicated to evolving and adapting with our customers and the industries they serve.

Our team is committed to developing purposeful partnerships with each customer because together, we achieve more.

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A Home in Duluth

The Aerial Lift Bridge at the port on Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota marks a rich history of shipping goods to and from the largest port on the Great Lakes. The culture and community that emerged from this economic journey is truly unique, and Sansio is proud to be a part of that story. Like our city’s historical landmark, the Sansio team hopes to be the bridge between ePCR documentation and helping agencies deliver better patient care.

Stephanie Patterson

Stephanie Patterson

General Manager

Stephanie began her journey with Sansio by providing technical support for our EMS and home care partners. Her passion for customer service and meaningful customer relationships lead her to her current role as General Manager.


"We're dedicated to being honest and transparent, and our strong integrity is ingrained in our work. This creates an environment where our clients and partners can rely on us completely. Trust is crucial in strengthening our relationships and how we engage with others, allowing us to provide service with exceptional dedication and authenticity. In doing so, we fulfill our commitment to assist and support to the best of our abilities."

Don Bertucci

Don Bertucci

Director of Sales and Marketing

Don enriches Sansio with his extensive background, having joined the team following a distinguished 30-year career as a Fire Lieutenant and Paramedic. Over the years, he has engaged with numerous EMS agencies and Fire Departments across the nation.


“I look at the competition in the electronic patient care space as a good thing since we all must continue to be innovative to gain or keep a customer’s business. And, I understand that there are times when Sansio and HealthEMS may not be the best fit for a customer. When I interact with a potential customer, I make sure that I give them the best information I have that is truthful and complete so that they can make the best decisions for their business and, ultimately, for the patients that they care for.”

Heather Miller

Heather Miller

Director of Professional Services and Support

With 24 years of dedicated service to Sansio, Heather sets a standard of excellence for her team and inspires all who work alongside her. 


"At Sansio, we partner with our customers, but we also form partnerships with one another to positively impact our customers. I believe our ability to be honest, transparent, and humble is what makes Sansio the best partner. My loyalty to this company comes from the ongoing partnership with my Sansio family. We truly care about the work we do and the people we serve and have made a conscious decision to always do the right thing."

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