point-of-care data management solutions

Seamlessly transfer patient information to electronic record platforms.

Health EMS

ePCR solutions


Easy, customizable documentation with advanced reporting to improve patient care and service delivery.

HealthEMS is a patient-based, protocol-driven electronic patient care record (ePCR) system that makes documentation and critical operational processes as effortless as possible. This suite of flexible software tools provides all the documentation required for improved patient care, accurate billing, and advanced reporting. Quickly configure it to match your organizational needs. One connected system makes it easier to receive, share, and find actionable information that can make a difference in patient outcomes, regulatory compliance, and operational and financial performance.


Comprehensive home healthcare management


Streamline the operational intricacies of delivering home healthcare.

Improve the clinical, operational, financial, and regulatory performance of your home health organization. This cloud-based, agency management EMR solution provides comprehensive tools for mobile point-of-care documentation, revenue cycle management, and data dashboards for enhancing workflows and quality assurance. Move beyond error-prone paperwork to enhance processes for scheduling, coding, eligibility, visit reconciliation, and more.


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