Sansio Data Exchange (SDX)

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Sansio Data Exchange

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Sansio understands that not every EMS or hospital system has access to the same technological capabilities to receive ePCR’s. That’s why we have developed Sansio Data Xchange (SDX), which offers providers options in an electronic data delivery system that meets the needs of both the agency and the transport destination.

Data Transmission Options

SDX Standard

Delivers the ePCR directly into the patient’s record in the receiving destination’s Electronic Health Record system via Direct Messaging.


XER, formally XChangER, is a proprietary application that electronically delivers the patient care report to the receiving destination where it can be printed or downloaded and saved manually to the patient’s chart. XER can also be used as a status board to alert staff to incoming patients and provide vital patient information prior to arrival.


Delivers that patient care report to the receiving destination via fax.

SDX Premium and SDX Premium Plus

Check back soon as enhanced delivery and patient information features are in development and will be available soon!

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