HealthEMS ePCR solutions

Quickly access the information to optimize performance.

Easy, configurable documentation with advanced reporting can help you to improve patient care and service delivery.

Easy. Empowering. Accurate.

Your dynamic work environment demands speed and flexibility, and the HealthEMS electronic patient care record (ePCR) provides both.

Make operations and documentation easier and more efficient with this patient-based, protocol-driven ePCR that helps you easily receive, share, and find actionable data. This flexible solution can be configured to match your needs, from smooth CAD integration to accurate billing and reporting.

Product Highlights

Simplify documentation to improve care and your operations

An intuitive, user-friendly interface combines with powerful processing capabilities and cloud-based connectivity to help you improve patient care, regulatory compliance, and operational and financial performance.

Quality documentation for how you work

Capture data from multiple sources to easily document activity at the point of care — based on input from CAD, monitors, and more — all according to your protocols.

Greater operational effectiveness

Quickly satisfy reporting and compliance requirements of hospitals and regulatory authorities. HealthEMS tracks patient and incident data and can work with or replace your existing billing system.

Powerful data made flexible

Rely on a connected system to more easily access and share actionable data that can make a difference in patient care, quality assurance, and the achievement of your operational goals.

Reliable and proven partner

Rely on the expertise and easy-access support of a leader in emergency medicine and resuscitation.

HealthEMS ePCR Systems

Choose the functionality and components that match the needs of your teams, whether fire-only, EMS-only, or fire/EMS responders.

An intuitive, user-friendly interface combines with powerful processing capabilities and cloud-based connectivity to help you improve patient care, regulatory compliance, and operational and financial performance.


HealthEMS MobileTouch

Quality documentation with less effort

Save time and prevent errors when you can record easily and in a flow that makes sense with your protocols. The HealthEMS MobileTouch electronic patient care report (ePCR) application works securely on today’s popular tablets—online or offline. Its quick, touch-based operation facilitates quick, immediate documentation, right at the point of care.


  • Dynamic, protocol-driven flow
  • Data capture from multiple sources, from monitors to scanned driver’s licenses
  • Auto-filling of critical fields enabled by CAD, monitor integration, and patient IDs for known patients in your system
  • Assessments, vitals, and interventions, all in one place
  • Closed-call rules with conditional validations

HealthEMS Manager

Better visibility for managing your operations

Empower great teams to excel even more when you can easily assess performance and plan targeted enhancements. HealthEMS Manager is the ePCR command center for agency administrators. Personalized dashboards provide real-time metrics to support performance management and training, workflow optimization, and quality assurance / quality improvement (QA/QI) activities.


  • High level of configurability
  • Secure, automatic QA alerting for custom-set events
  • Standard and tailored reports
  • A propriety algorithm that analyzes patient reports to ensure accurate billing and CMS compliance
  • CAD, patient, incident, monitor/ECG and billing data in one record set
  • Flexible, role-based security

HealthEMS XchangeER & HealthEMS ConnectX

Faster, easier collaboration

You’re one crucial link in a lifesaving system that depends on shared information and close collaboration. HealthEMS Connectx enables fire/EMS organizations to securely connect to the broader healthcare ecosystem, from hospitals to regulatory authorities, to improve patient care and reduce healthcare costs.


  • Flexible, fast cloud interconnection
  • Automated or on-demand integrations with third-party systems and data repositories
  • HIPAA-compliant data integration
  • XchangER hospital dashboard for patient record sharing for inbound patient information

HealthEMS Fire

One solution for fire and EMS

Combined EMS and fire duties increase your management challenges. HealthEMS Fire software coordinates and streamlines your data and reporting so you can seamlessly track, document, and correlate incident and ePCR data in one NFIRS-5-compatible records management system (RMS).


  • Centralized records and intelligent matching between fire incidents and ePCRs
  • Electronic tracking for investigations and hydrant/hose/vehicle inspections
  • Auto-populate fields with CAD integration and HealthEMS ePCR data
  • NFIRS compliant reporting
  • Integrated reports, dashboards, and hydrant mapping


An accelerated revenue cycle

Focus your attention on what matters rather than administrative workloads. RevNet is a cloud-based revenue cycle management (RCM) solution for improving revenue performance and reducing collection efforts. Produce cleaner, quicker claims with less effort and more accountability.


  • Intelligent patient matching and integrated eligibility to maximize revenue on first pass
  • Electronic remittance advice (ERA) posting and one-click balance forwarding
  • Scalable pricing model with options for agencies of any size
  • Auto-calculated necessity scores and service levels for more accurate billing and less audit risk

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