HealthEMS ePCR Software

Cloud-based, all-in-one ePCR solution for emergency responders

Improve clinical, operational, financial, and regulatory performance

Driving Better Patient Care

HealthEMS offers easy, configurable documentation with advanced reporting that can help you improve patient care and operational efficiency . It is our goal at Sansio to help drive quicker documentation and better patient care.

HealthEMS Highlights

Simplify documentation. Improve your reports. 


Intuitive Design for Quality Reporting

HealthEMS’ easy-to-navigate application optimizes point of care documentation all according to your agency protocols. Capture data from multiple sources to easily document activity at the point of care – CAD, ECG monitors, Past Patient History, Drivers License scanning, and more.

Revenue Optimization

Use HealthEMS resources like customizable data fields, scenario-based validations, and Medical Necessity Scoring to drive crew protocol compliance, help organize and assess the quality of the work being completed by your agency, and optimize revenue by creating PCR’s that satisfy all regulatory benchmarks.

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Greater Operational Effectiveness

Quickly and accurately satisfy reporting and compliance requirements of regulatory agencies. HealthEMS can work with your existing billing system to ensure that accurate and complete patient care reports are submitted for payment.

QA/QI Functionality

Quality Assurance metrics and functionality that proactively monitor incoming records for documentation QA subjects and red flags, and use our HIPAA-compliant secure messaging to communicate directly with crews for documentation questions and corrections.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Assign created metrics to users and include a QA overview on the HealthEMS dashboard
  • QA Scoring: confirm tasks are being completed properly by creating scored action items
  • Robust report-building tools to extract the right data and export it in administrator-friendly formats
User-Defined Data & Validations

Create customizable data fields (PowerFields) and scenario-based validations that will ensure better documentation and patient care.

By creating customized scenario-based validations within HealthEMS, users can target clinical or operational situations to add validations that will help drive crew behavior and better patient care. Validations are in addition to NEMSIS-required fields, but do not have to be global like NEMSIS-required fields.

PowerFields are agency-defined and created data points that ensure EMS agencies can quickly adapt as local, state, and federal data needs change. PowerFields can easily be associated and grouped by specific areas, including individual data fields, to ensure comprehensive data collection.

Agency administrators can choose whether PowerField data appears on patient care reports, or if the field is required to complete the report.

PowerField Types Include:

  • Text
  • Numerical
  • Multiple Select
  • Radio Button
  • Yes/No
  • Signature
  • Labels (can help guide care, act as protocol reminders, or provide documentation tips)
Medical Necessity Scoring Algorithm

When used in conjunction with local and state protocols, guidelines, and evidence-based standards of care, HealthEMS’ proprietary algorithm assists EMS agencies in determining if treatments provided were considered medically necessary under guidelines set by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Simplify the QA/QI process to aid in record review by setting up alerts to directly notify administrators when ePCR records may have missing information.  Reviewers can determine if an adjustment is needed to enable rightful and adequate billing prior to processing the claim for payment.

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